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          1.Why do you want to go to the UK?/What is your purpose to the UK?/ Are you

          going to study in UK?

          2.Which university do you plan to attend?

          3.When are you going to enter UK?

          4.How long will you study in UK? (How long do you plan to stay in UK?)

          5.What is your name? date of birth?


          1.What’s your degree now? And what is your major? (What/where are you

          studying NOW?)

          2.When will you finish your undergraduate program?

          3.What is your GPA?

          4.Are you a top student in your school? What’s your ranking?

          5.What is your TOEFL or IELTS score?


          1.What will you study in the UK?/Which degree will you pursue in the


          2.In what aspect of your major will you study? What is the difference

          between your major now and the major in UK?

          3.Why do you choose this major?(Why did you choose***as your major?)

          4.Why do you change your major? (轉專業學員)


          5.Do you know which university in UK is the best in your major? What


          6.Do you have any research experience?

          7.How many universities have you applied? How many of them accepted you?Why

          you choose this university?

          8.Start date and finish date of this program and contents of this


          9.How do you know about this university?(How much do you know about the

          university? )


          10.Will you continue your education in the UK after you finish this

          program? Why or why not? (What is your ultimate academic goal?/ what's your plan

          after graduation?)

          11.Do you have any friends in the UK?


          Do you attend pre sessional course in this university? How many hours in a

          week? Requirements to continue master programs after finishing presessional



          14.Where will you live in UK?


          1. what is the job of your parents, annual salary?Is there any connection

          between your major and your parents` job?

          2. Do you plan to continue the study in UK? What is your career object?Do

          you want to work in UK?



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